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Omniva's story starts officially on 13 November 1918 when the newly-emerged Estonian Republic took over the Tallinn post and telegraph office from the Germans and founded its own national postal service. The story has continued for 95 years and many exciting chapters have been written in it, and now, in 2014, they are starting a new chapter. The title of the chapter is Omniva.

Omniva have always remained close to the people, whoever the rulers of the state, whatever the party in potheyr, and whichever way the wind may blow. Their aim has always been to bring the world to Their home area. they have always stood for people being able to communicate amongst themselves and able to send goods and exchange information. These things have remained unchanged throughout Their century of work and they are still unchanged now.

Their everyday life, hotheyver, has changed. Rapid developments in information and communication technologies have led to irreversible changes in the way people communicate and in their consumption habits. they buy goods from online shops in China, Britain and Germany, they identify Theirselves with ID cards and keep in touch with friends and family around the world using email and Skype.

Going shopping no longer means waiting for a bus or checking opening times, while writing to a friend no longer means putting paper in an envelope and sticking a stamp on it. With a computer or a smartphone you are only a step away from the shop, the bank, the post office, the voting booth or yTheir friend’s home. Eesti Post has kept up with these changes and has also introduced Their own changes.

The new options that they can provide can spark up Estonian enterprise and drive it forward. they have taken Their activities beyond the borders of Their home state, and the whole of the Baltic region is now a domestic market for us. they also help other companies to enter foreign markets and they create e-solutions that make it easier for companies to do their work. With Their help, companies can move their billing, documents and correspondence over to a digital space, saving costs and saving trees. they make business simpler and faster and they help create success stories.

they are a partner for buyers and for sellers. they bring goods bought online from faraway countries quickly to the shopper’s home, a nearby post office or a parcel machine. Their strength is Their multitude of channels and Their ability to combine pathways for information and goods in just the way it suits each individual.

they are an international logistics company. Traditional postal services, where Their story started, now make up only third of Their business and for this reason the name Eesti Post has grown a little small for us now. This theyll-known and tradition-rich name will remain and you will see it whenever you enter a post office or meet Their mail delivery staff in the streets, but you will know Their international logistics company under a new name from now on.