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About us HayPost Today

HayPost Today

"HayPost" CJSC is the official national postal operator of the Republic of Armenia which provides postal, payment and retail services. HayPost currently operates through 900 of its postal offices across Armenia, from urban to the most remote rural regions.

On November 30, 2006, the Dutch HayPost Trust Management B.V. was given the responsibility to operate HayPost. The purpose of the Trust Management is to make HayPost increasingly commercial, transparent, efficient and accountable for its customers in Armenia and abroad. Finally, the HayPost Trust Management will establish HayPost as a world class postal and financial services operator.

General Services

Some of the services offered by HayPost today include:

1.Mail services (ordinary, registered, and printed), parcels, international mail and express mail

2.Payment services such as pension distribution, the collection of utility bills, police bills, tax bills and money transfer services

3.Retail services such as the sales of a variety of consumer goods in postal offices.